About Didi

She's got a whistle and she's not afraid to use it.

Didi is an RRCA certified running coach located in the bustling college town of Athens, Ohio. Didi has a passion for running and wants to share that love with others through individual coaching and writing. Didi has run 2 marathons, 8 half-marathons, and dozens of 10ks and 5ks, and strives for progress and PRs, rather than placing at the top of the podium.

During the day Didi is an academic advisor at the local university, and works with primarily with transfer students who haven’t declared a major. In between coaching, advising, and running, Didi enjoys working out at CrossfitCDF, cooking, and spending time with her husband Ricky. She also facilitates a weekly community track workout with her favorite running store the Ohio Valley Running Company.